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i would either be a fox or a wolf or a panther, no choices on my part

furry choices of mine, -_- yes i am a fur......  ass hole, yes U!

tails and the burning world, book preview

2010-08-30 22:52:05 by amymilesfan117

"Amy, I need you to stay in the bunker, its safer for you and cream" Said Miles. "Its to dangerous! You will get killed!" Amy exclaimed. Miles knew the dangers of the outside world. It was the worst thing to happen since Sonic died on that day. The day the world burned. the day that Miles became his true self. "I lost Sonic, I am not losing you two to. If you stay here, you can stay safe, healthy, and live for the rest of your lives in peace. I, on the other hand, can withstand the gases and viruses of the burning hell we call our home." Tails explained. "Miles" He looked at Amy and smiled. "You will be alright, trust me, just don't go outside the bunker! Easy enough." Miles said. As he started to leave, he turned back and looked Amy in the eye, and said "I will come back for you, no matter what. Never give up hope." And Miles left. Cream woke up and went to the table for breakfast. "Where's Miles?" Amy looked down and wondered if she should tell her the truth, she decided. " He left to save the world."